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Engineers Club of Kansas City

Engineers Club of Kansas City Scholarships

The Engineers Club of Kansas City, acting through its Student Assistance Committee (SAC), exists to assist deserving students from the greater Kansas City area in obtaining an engineering education. These funds are normally limited to $750 (freshmen) and up to $2,625 (4th and 5th year seniors). Applicants need to reapply annually.

The recipient of a scholarship from the Engineers Club of Kansas City agrees to comply with the following conditions:

  1. To restrict expenditures to a reasonable minimum in accordance with the applicant’s claim of limited means.
  2. To give concrete evidence of financial need by the earning of as large a part of his/her expenses as possible when and if scholastic requirements will permit.
  3. To give concrete evidence that the student is acting in good faith in planning to graduate with an engineering degree from an ABET accredited engineering college.
  4. To commit no acts reflecting poorly upon the applicant’s good moral character.
  5. To use the scholarship funds only for the purposes intended, and to keep the SAC advised as to progress, scholastic term reports, and needs.
  6. To make a contribution to the Student Assistance Program after graduation to assure the program’s continued effectiveness and as a gesture of appreciation.

Applications for student assistance can be obtained by request from the SAC Chair, or often from area high school guidance counselors and financial aid offices of area universities (Kansas & Missouri) with accredited schools of engineering. Once applications are received, students will be assigned a sponsor from the SAC. This sponsor will interview the applicant at which time the student will be asked to discuss plans for education, including his/her choice of engineering discipline, financial need, plan for financing of education and other items which are used for the evaluation of applicants. The SAC sponsor is an active member of the Kansas City engineering community, and is also available as a sounding board for student’s questions about the field of engineering. Often, due to experience gained through participation with the SAC, the sponsor can be of great assistance in providing insight towards the pursuit of an engineering degree, average costs of college, etc.

The acceptance of an application does not imply any obligation on the part of the Engineers Club of Kansas City or the SAC. All information given in the application will be considered confidential. No publicity as to the amount of any grant-in-aid will be permitted.

The deadline for the 2015 ECKC Scholarship applications to be received or post marked is April 30, 2015. Other information required includes: (1) your high school transcript (if you are a graduating senior preparing to enter college), or (2) your last semester’s grades (if you are currently a student continuing your college education).

Please return completed application to:

Tony O’Malley, P.E., SAC Chairman
Larkin Lamp Rynearson
9200 Ward Parkway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 823-7282

Scholarship Guidelines & Application Download:

Download ECKC Scholarship Guidelines (.pdf)

Download 2015 ECKC Scholarship Application (.pdf)